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Marcia Cutright Bio

Marcia Cutright BSN, RN, LMT, CSMT, CMMT. Born in Chicago, IL 1960’s. Currently Power of Touch Massage Therapy, Inc is located in Dolton, IL. The president received her BSN at Northern IL University 1987 and her diploma in massage therapy from Cortiva Massage School 2009.

Marcia Cutright BSN,RN,LMTA registered nurse for 30+ years, specializing in emergency room and peri/post operative nursing.

Power of touch massage therapy was started in 2010. We became incorporated in 2014. Our specialty is in therapeutic massage therapy.  The main therapist received her Certifications in Sport Massage (CSMT) and Medical Massage Therapy (CMMT).  We are active members of America Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and we are Board Certified in Therapeutic and Bodywork (BCTMB). The company has 1 full-time employee and several subcontracted lmts.

As an insured licensed massage therapy company our goals is to work with companies and individuals that believe in health and wellness. We focus on corporate events, sport events, health, and wellness events and/or for general purposes.

The company’s achievements:

  • Rehabilitation of joint replacements and rehab of injured joints and tissues
  • Increasing the flexibility of novice and pro athletics
  • Improve the blood circulation of all clients
  • Increase the lymphatic drainage of post operative bodywork and clients with poor lymph drainage because of medical health problems.