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Putting You in Touch

Putting You in Touch

The power of touch found me at a birthday party.  Since my mastectomy, I often have upper back and shoulder pain.  Add to that, a little stress and the need for frequent massages is in order.

Just like many of us, I don’t take enough time out for “me”.  It is not until the pain of continuing on gets so great that I actually will make the appointment.  That is after of many nights on the heating pad and other self help remedies.

One particular time in the midst of me putting off the appointment (why on earth do I do this when it feels so much better afterwards), I met Marcia Cutright, the owner and founder of“The Power of Touch Message Therapy” located in Dolton, IL.

As I was sitting there casually chatting with her, I was rubbing the area of my shoulder that bothers me from time to time.  The host chimed in and said “Yolanda, you know Marcia is a massage therapist right”?  No I didn’t, shut the front door!!

So of course, she proceeded to say “show me where it hurts” ; then she began to massage the area.  Literally within the 5-10 minutes,  I felt better!  I knew at that moment, I needed to schedule a trip to her table…and I did!

Marcia reminded me that we take our time and money to do everything else and neglect the very thing we should invest in…our bodies!  Sharp shoes sure do make the outfit and ain’t nothing like a fresh hair do…but if your body is breaking down, what good is it all!??  Truuuuue….

When I tell you naming her business “The Power of Touch” was no mistake…trust me!  Marcia doesn’t believe in only focusing on traditional massages such as deep tissue or Swedish.  She is more concerned with getting to the core of the matter.  Therefore, she considers her massages “therapeutic”.

She says the main purpose of the massage session is to release a natural hormone called endorphins.  Endorphins are natural pain and stress relievers that put you in a “happy place”.

There are no cute massage techniques when you go behind the veil with Marcia, she gets it in Lighting and music of your choice complemented by Marcia’s Magic Touch!

There is no wham-bam thank you when she’s done either.  She makes sure that you feelrevived and pain free before you leave and checks on you the next day.  She makes your wellness, her business.

Throughout the year, Marcia sprinkles out a few treats and gifts for her clients.  Book and experience a “Couples Massage” and allow the Power Of Touch Massage Therapy to pamper you and your loved one.

Nothing says “I Love You” like the “Power of Touch”…you will receive 15 minute relaxing foot soaks while sipping on chilled champagne and nibbling on succulent strawberries; followed by a 60 minute romantic massage with your love.

This offer is valid for the entire month of February!  Reserve your preferred date and time today!

No Valentine…no problem…LOVE YOU first!

Call Marcia now and experience the true “Power of Touch”…  708 205-1554